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Brackenber Prospectus: II


Very little home-work is required of the younger boys but about 1½ hours' preparation every evening is expected of the Upper Forms.

The work set should be done without any outside help, and may be prepared under supervision at the school, from 4pm to 5pm. on work afternoons and from 4.30-5.30 on Games days.


Games are played on two afternoons a week in the Winter terms and on three afternoons in the Summer, and all boys are expected to take part in them. They are carefully coached under the supervision of the Headmaster, and keenness is encouraged.

The Ground is at Ormeau (by arrangement with the North of Ireland Cricket and Football club). The games played are Cricket, Association and Rugby Football and Table Tennis.

Athletic Sports take place during the Summer Term.

Boxing, Judo and Swimming, though voluntary, are encouraged. Boxing and Judo lessons are given at the School and boys learning Swimming attend the Baths once a week during the Summer Term.

A systematic course of Physical Training is given twice a week.


Discipline is in the hands of the Headmaster. Boys are required to attend School punctually and regularly. Sickness is the only recognised reason for absence, unless permission from the Headmaster has been previously obtained.

The conduct of boys outside the School will be dealt with by the Headmaster if it is of such a kind as to reflect discredit on the School.


In the Upper Forms English Classics are read, and the boys' reading of good literature is encouraged. A Recitation competition takes place at the end of each term.

For the purpose of encouraging keenness in work and games the School is divided into four "Sections", between which there is continuous competition.

The School has a Debating Society, a small Library and a Chess Club, which are run by the boys themselves, under supervision of a member of the Staff.

Part III shall include Admission, Reports, School Terms, Removal and Dress.

First published in February, 2011.

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Unknown said...

Do you have any information about men who were Forresters/Gamekeepers at Mitchellstown Castle in the 1880? My relation was James BRACKEN and I believe he was Gamekeeper there or at Glenfarne Hall, Enniskillen and that died in Tipperary.
look forward to hearing from you.