Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Florence Court: My Irish Home

My dear mother gave me a wonderful hardback book when we were in County Fermanagh in 1979.

It is entitled Florence Court: My Irish Home, and written lovingly by Nancy, Countess of Enniskillen.

The book was published in 1972 by R & S Printers, The Diamond, Monaghan.

Lady Enniskillen wrote:
On the highest level of The Pleasure Grounds, there used to stand a little "summer house". Here on a warm sunny day ideally without wind and wrinkled only by the wings of birds and insects, on such a day at Florence Court, the Cole family would adjourn to drink their tea and enjoy the tonic view of the valley and the mountain.
On Thursday, the 14th August, 2014, this charming little thatched gazebo was burnt to the ground.

The National Trust has, I'm delighted to say, rebuilt it to the original specifications.


Nick Kingsley said...

How sad! The dairy at Blaise Castle in Bristol suffered a similar fate some years ago but has been triumphantly rebuilt, so it can be done!

Andrew said...

Well done National Trust. A positive contribution.