Thursday, 29 July 2021

The Hippodrome

The block between Grosvenor Road and Glengall Street, Belfast, was originally a terrace of five-storey houses of ca 1835.

The terrace was demolished in 1905 to make way for Mr Crewe's new theatre, The Hippodrome.

The Royal Hippodrome theatre (above), at the beginning of Great Victoria Street, stood next to the Grand Opera House.

It suffered an unsympathetic renovation in 1960, when much of the fa├žade was altered.

The towers were lopped off and replaced by the hideous "face-lift" shown below.

It was subsequently renamed the Odeon cinema.

Its name changed, again, in 1974 to become the New Vic cinema.

The former Hippodrome was finally demolished in 1998 to make way for a new hotel, the Fitzwilliam Hotel, and an extension to the opera house.

First published in July, 2013.

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These two Belfast posts are absolutely superb Lord Belmont - would love to see more of the same. Outstanding blog as ever. TS