Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Sir Audley Mervyn

The family of MERVYN, originally from Wales, was seised of the Fonthill estate, in Wiltshire, during the reign of EDWARD IV.

LUCY MERVYN, daughter of Sir John Mervyn, of Fonthill, espoused George, 1st Earl of Castlehaven, and her youngest daughter,

THE LADY CHRISTIAN TUCHET, marrying her maternal relative, SIR HENRY MERVYN, Knight, her son,

SIR AUDLEY MERVYN (c1603-75), went over to Ireland and had a command in the English army, in conjunction with his kinsman, Lord Castlehaven, during the civil wars in that kingdom, 1641-2.

On the attainder of his cousin James, 3rd Earl of Castlehaven, Sir Audley came into possession of that nobleman's great estates in County Tyrone, with the remainder of the estates and the name and representation of the family vested in GENERAL MERVYN ARCHDALE by the intermarriage of his great-grandfather, William Archdale, and Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Mervyn, of Omagh Castle and Trillick (whose remaining daughter wedded the ancestor of the Irvines, of Castle Irvine, County Fermanagh), as also under the will of Henry, last heir male of that family.

First published in August, 2017.

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