Sunday, 29 August 2021

The Crom Acquisition


PROPERTY: Crom Estate, County Fermanagh
DATE: 1987
EXTENT: 1674.79 acres
DONOR: 6th Earl of Erne

PROPERTY: The Old Schoolhouse
DATE: 2002
EXTENT: 2.58 acres
DONOR: Cormack

PROPERTY: Holy Trinity Church, Crom Estate
DATE: 1995
EXTENT: 0.45 acres
DONOR: 6th Earl of Erne & Others

PROPERTY: Erne Alms House, Crom Estate
DATE: 1997
EXTENT: 0.32 acres
DONOR: 6th Earl of Erne & Others 

First published in December, 2014.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Incredibly generous donation from a great family.
It is so wonderful that this idyllic place can now be enjoyed by so many.