Friday, 26 June 2020

Purdysburn Pictures


The Belfast Health & Social Care Trust has kindly sent me several images of Purdysburn House, Newtownbreda, County Down, and its pleasure grounds prior to demolition ca 1965.

I've already written about the Batt family here.

The pleasure grounds were laid out in the form of a Union Flag, and the design was carried out with all the borders planted red, white and blue.

The wonderful yew-tree hedges were said to be unequalled in Northern Ireland. 

First published in September, 2016.


Anonymous said...

Marvelous pictures Lord B, you have excelled yourself once again! If you are interested, you can actually see the remnants of the 'Union Jack' garden aerially on Bing Maps (Google Maps as well, but the quality is not so good). Just search for the postcode BT8 8JL. I think it must be part of the DOE grounds. VC

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Young Offenders or Women Prisoners at the nearby Hydebank Prison could restore the gardens? It would no doubt be a very beneficial project for all involved. VC

Mark Brown said...

These gardens are opposite the TA / Reserves centre. Most people do not know about nor see these gardens. They have been deliberately ignored, left unwanted and uncared for. Stop the rot begin the revolution. Friends of Purdyburn Union Gardens.

Anonymous said...

See the wonderful article on NI Heritage Gardens Trust dating the gardens to the 1735-1745 period. I agree with all the above. What a fabulous restoration project this would be.