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1st Baron Maguire

THOMAS MOR MAGUIRE (c1375-1430), Lord or Prince of Fermanagh, Chief of the house of MAGUIRE, married Margaret, daughter of Con O'Neill, Prince of Tyrone, and had issue,
Philip, m Deborah Blennerhassett (née Mervyn);
THOMAS, of whom we treat.
The second or, according to some, elder son,

THOMAS OGE MAGUIRE, Prince of Fermanagh, died in 1480.

His lineal descendant, 

SIR BRYAN MAGUIRE (c1589-1633), Knight, was elevated to the peerage, in 1628, by CHARLES I, in the dignity of BARON MAGUIRE, of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, with limitation of the dignity to the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten.

He wedded Rose, daughter of Art O'Neill, of Carrickastickan, County Armagh, and sister of Owen Roe O'Neill, and had issue,
CONOR, his heir;
Rory, a colonel in the army.
His lordship was buried in Aghavea, County Fermanagh.

The elder son,

CONOR, 2nd Baron (1616-45), was one of the chief leaders in the rebellion of 1641, and one of its chief victims.

He was tried for high treason in London, 1644, and being found guilty, was hanged at Tyburn.

With him, the title became attainted.

He had espoused Mary, daughter of Thomas Fleming, of Castle Fleming, King's County, and had a son.

Several of the Maguire family, many of whom were in foreign service, assumed and were styled Lords Maguire.

John O'Donovan has written an article about the Maguires of Fermanagh here.

Maguire arms courtesy of European Heraldry.  First published in January, 2011.


Demetrius said...

Then there was John Rochfort Maguire who was a partner of Cecil Rhodes and a member of King Edward VII's Marlborough House Set. I did a blog item on 2 May three weeks ago under "Gold Fever" about his connections. I wonder where he might fit in?

Demetrius said...

Previous comment error, I regret, it should be James Rochfort Maguire who was Cecil Rhodes partner and one of King Edward VII Marlborough House Set and not John, apologies.