Thursday, 18 March 2021

Lady Annesley's Summer House

I paid a visit to Castlewellan Park, County Down, on the 8th March, 2015.

My main purpose was to view progress on the Moorish Tower on the hill-side to the west of the Lake.

However, I also wished to investigate reports I'd heard of a derelict structure elsewhere in the forest park.

I asked one of the rangers on duty about this and he gave me directions.

I eventually encountered it.

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This charming little Victorian summer house lies deep in the woods on the periphery of Slievenaslat, at the southern tip of the Long Duck Pond.

It is surrounded by overgrown bushes and foliage.

Its prospect would indeed have been splendid, overlooking the duck pond.

I have since discovered that it is known locally as Lady Annesley's Tea House.

It appears to be rendered, four-sided, with two windows.

One side contains the fireplace.

The south side has the entrance, comprising a prominent crenellated porch with a window facing the Long Duck Pond and a side doorway.

Is the roof still intact and is it flat?

One striking feature of this noble little building is its crenellation.

It merits restoration - or, at least, remedial works -  before its condition deteriorates any further.

First published in March, 2015.

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Anonymous said...

Castlewellan is on of the most glorious demesnes in Northern Ireland. I remember it well from schoolboy rowing regattas on the lake. VC