Thursday, 4 February 2021

Cleaver Avenue Revisited

College Gardens, Belfast, 2021 (Image: Timothy Ferres)

The daily constitutional took me further afield today.

I was eager to take another photograph of College Gardens, Belfast, from Methodist College.

College Gardens in 1896 (Image: Belfast Historical Photographical Society)

Field-Marshal Sir John Dill's father lived at 6 College Gardens, directly opposite the College.

In my article about Sir John I posted an old image of College Gardens, and Number Seven, I think, featured a conspicuous conservatory attached to the gable wall.

Gable Wall where Conservatory existed, 2021 (Image: Timothy Ferres)

The "imprint" of that glasshouse remains to this day, as does a bricked-up window or french window at the gable.

Before I took the new image I ambled into the Ulster Bank at University Road, just round the corner, to have a word with the staff about my project (though nothing was known about the Field-Marshal's bank manager father, unsurprisingly).

Thereafter I continued my walk, from the beginning of Malone Road, past many leafy parks, including Adelaide Park and the Chinese consulate, until Cleaver Avenue was reached.

Brackenber House School

At least fifty years ago I was a pupil at Brackenber House School, Cleaver Avenue, though alas that venerable academic institution was demolished several decades ago for the Cleaver Court housing development.

Location of Brackenber at Cleaver Court, off Cleaver Avenue

Opposite the site of Brackenber, however, I noticed a Blue Plaque on a house in memory of Sir Samuel Dill (1844-1924), a distant cousin of Sir John Dill.

Was this the site of Montpelier House?

I continued along Malone Road until I came to its junction with Stranmillis Road, where I crossed the road and walked the entire length of Cranmore Gardens, on to Lisburn Road, and back to College Gardens or thereabouts.

An interesting stroll.

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Owensie said...

The house in question is now the HQ of the Ulster Teachers Union of which my partner is General Secretary.

Jim Owens.