Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fuerteventura: Day Nine

His lordship may be a few thousand miles away from all the action in the United Kingdom, but he is well able to keep the old finger on the British pulse whilst basking in foreign sunshine.

As I tap away at Stefan´s keyboard in the Café-Lounge Bar, Corralejo, with a substantial beakerful of Beefeater-and-tonic, I have been keeping abreast of the woeful fiscal circumstances pertaining in Old Blighty. Apart from certain bankers, I blame Brown who ruled over us as Chancellor of the Exchequer for over ten years.

Mr Brown had the power to control the economic situation for that length of time. He encouraged the banking industry to lend people money recklessly. How, on earth, could a major bank be permitted to lend people 44 million pounds-worth of mortgages with only half that in deposits? Irresponsible and it took place on Brown´s watch too.

And, while I am getting into the swing of things, under Mr Brown we are paying more than 60% tax for fuel; and the man refuses to admit it. I heard him interviewed by Jeff Randall and he prevaricated around this very issue without being "up-front" and honest about it.

I must return to my Beefeater now...

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