Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fuerteventura: Day Six

The weather has been fine until today. I arose to witness cloud, showers, strong winds and a temperature of 24c this morning. A trip to the island´s capital, Puerto del Rosario, was called for.

Yesterday, I splashed out on a pair of Croc´s flip-flops which set me back 34.50 euros; is that cheaper than the UK? At any rate, the old euro doesn´t last as long, these days, for us Britishers. I've brought hundreds of them with me; nevertheless, they are depleting faster than anticipated.

Back to the island´s capital: I paid a visit to the Rotundas shopping centre, owing to the inclement weather. At lunch-time, I called at Burgerking for a Steakhouse burger, fries, coffee and onion-rings; and that set me back about eight euros. In the queue in front of me, there was a most ignorant and ill-mannered Irish man who, I felt, treated the black staff member most discourteously: he was with his partner and infant and he was wearing a dark green t-shirt emblazoned with the legend "Guinness" and "Dublin". I watched this ignoramus throw a coin on the counter towards the poor assistant. Disgraceful. I knew the man was Irish because his accent gave him away.

The old tan is already replenished. On the satellite television, I have been suffering Brown and his cronies ranting on about how they are going to save our economy in the United Kingdom; just as well I am 2500 miles away!

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