Friday, 5 September 2008

Purcell, Katie, Curry and Edinburgh

Whilst preparing a fine curry - Patak's being the current favoured sauces - I was tuned in to Classic FM and they were playing a rendition of Purcell's When I Am Laid To Earth. Purcell is fast becoming one of my favourite composers; I was moved to tears as a soprano sang it. I really must acquire a CD.

I send my compliments and support to our great British paralympic team, representing Northern Ireland and Great Britain, in China. I watched Katie Price, our wonderful, caring girl with a couple of precious assets I'd like to get my hands on we all appreciate, signing autographs there.

I've just bought a pair of Edinburgh Crystal, thistle pattern, sherry glasses. They are possibly the finest crystal glassware that I have seen. I have my eye on the champagne flutes as well; such a distinctive pattern.

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