Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Up The Walls With Painting

I'm presently preoccupied with painting at home. I had bought a medium-sized tin of Porcelain Blue; and, when I applied it to one wall, I changed my mind thinking it wasn't sufficiently subtle. So  I've applied the first coat of Adam Cream this morning. There is old backing-paper, the remnants of the vinyl wall-paper I stripped off, and when I paint over it the is a little blistering in the odd spot; however, it seems to disappear and I'm hoping to get away with this solution.

The old, asbestos flue, a relic of the erstwhile central heating, has been collected too this morning. We've had it for six weeks and, eventually, I shattered it into pieces with a sledge-hammer and threw it into a black bin-liner. I'm glad they picked it up: I was just about to throw it into our black wheelie bin, what with my healthy respect for the health and safety police.

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