Sunday, 5 July 2009

Brief Divis Walk

I wanted to get home in time for the Wimbledon men's final this afternoon, so we didn't venture far at all from base today. I hadn't been to Divis for awhile and, on this occasion, we drove via the West Link road.

The car park at Divis was busy today. There was some sort of cycle race taking place. I donned my light walking shoes and left the car park. Along the way I spotted a pair of lovely little stonechats, the male bird (left) perched on a barbed-wire fence watching me; and his partner - I presume - preening itself on a tree further along.

There was also a flock of swifts feeding on the wing. I ambled over to Divis Lodge, which is still sealed with breeze-blocks and a temporary roof. Judging by its condition - the brickwork, guttering etc - I expect that, when the requisite funds are eventually raised - it shall be an expensive restoration task.

The one year old stone wall surrounding the pond is dilapidated in a few places; though there's a notice explaining that it will be repaired in due course. This could possibly be a job for volunteers.


re-roof west yorkshire said...

thanks for this

Timothy Belmont said...

The Long Barn, a short distance from Divis Lodge, has been restored this year. A fine slate roof, the stone-work and interior renovation has brought what was probably a cattle-shed back to life once again.


Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Nice Stonechat image
Heres one of mine taken at Killard NR (A place you should visit especially at present time with all the orchids and wild flowers.

Timothy Belmont said...

I know of Killard. I'll see Craig McCoy this weekend; we're off to Salt Island. I'll mention it to him.