Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Back With Car

Agnew's had the baby two-seater all day on Monday. Despite the fact that they told me they'd phone at lunch-time as a matter of courtesy, in order to let me know what was happening, the telephone didn't ring till after two thirty; and even that was after I'd emailed their service department earlier.

They operate a slick, though not perfect, service. The baby two-seater required a new oil sump gasket. The old one was the cause of the oil leak; bearing in mind that the car is three months old with 1,950 miles under its belt.

To Agnew's credit, they will collect customers by taxi and take them to Boucher Crescent, which is miles out of the way for those living in east Belfast. The customer adviser raised her eyebrows when I told her it had taken me almost an hour to get to them that morning. All right, it may have been closer to fifty minutes, I cannot be certain. Still, I didn't like that.

To get back to the car: For a sump gasket to require replacement in a new car reflects poor quality control standards and workmanship at the factory, does it not? I once owned a BMW for eleven years and I never encountered any problems with it at all, apart from the wear-and-tear you would expect.

An apology from Agnew's on behalf of the manufacturer, whom they represent, would have been gratifying. Although, in fairness, they supplied two taxis; an opulent show-room with fresh coffee; courteous staff; and a complimentary car valet inside and out; I received no apology for my time and trouble, due to the manufacturer's questionable workmanship.

Rest assured, I shall be keeping a very close eye out for any more oil leaks! I might just pay a visit to Halford's and buy a small bottle of whatever oil the car consumes, to keep in the garage.


belfast cabby said...

Did the get fixed in the end?

Timothy Belmont said...

Yes, it appears to be fixed. .I'll just keep an eye on it, though.