Sunday, 29 July 2012

Mount Stewart Visit

I jumped into the two-seater and drove in a south-easterly direction towards Kircubbin, County Down.

My purpose was to visit Rubane (Echlinville) House, and it's not hard to locate. I spoke to the owner, who is restoring the property; and I am hopeful of acquiring some photographs for the blog.

Incidentally, readers, I shall be posting my Echlinville article next week.

Later I stopped off at Mount Stewart, which was heaving with Sunday jazz patrons; the overflow car-parks were filled.

The Keppel crest adorns the gate-posts into the formal gardens.

The property is currently undergoing a major restoration project.

The 9th Marquess of Londonderry was interred at Mount Stewart about three weeks ago; it is said that about forty family members attended a private service at the family chapel in the house.

I had a slightly disappointing bar meal at the Saltwater Brig pub earlier. The scampi and chips bore no comparison to the equivalent dish at another bar I've frequented before, the Dirty Duck Ale House.

The staff, including the lovely Olive, were friendly and attentive, though my meal was served too promptly - within five minutes - given how busy it was. It must have been done hurriedly.

The scampi pieces were small - make that tiny - in some instances; and the chips did not appear entirely home-made to me. I could be wrong. This meal and a glass of orange juice cost about £13.


Anonymous said...

Sadly Saltwater Brig has declined in quality and ambience in recent years. They do clearly know how to charge though : £13 for that !!

Timothy Belmont said...

Any theories as to why this might be?

Rex Hunter said...

It probably has changed ownership ; it's certainly not the place it was.