Saturday, 21 July 2012

Weekend Activity

Timothy Belmont is now at home, having spent the last twenty-four hours on the prowl with Lady A and another couple in central Belfast. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

On Friday afternoon, I met my pals at the Premier Inn, Alfred Street, where we spent a few hours in the lounge bar.

Later, we attended a musical show at the Lyric Theatre. The Lyric has improved greatly and now has a more spacious auditorium and bar. Lady A adores the theatre and accosted several of the actors after the show.

Today, we rose later than usual and had a substantial breakfast, consisting of fruit juice; cooked breakfast ~ sausage, bacon, egg, plum tomato, baked beans, mushroom, hash browns and toast; and tea.

There was no potato bread and soda bread. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

After breakfast, we got a cab to the Ulster Museum, where we saw the dinosaur exhibition and the Leonardo da Vinci paintings, courtesy of the Royal Collection.

I have had my quota of gin for the weekend, so the preferred beverage this evening shall be tea, whilst viewing Henry The Fifth on television.


Anonymous said...

Best Ulster fry in Belfast (inc. potato bread ) at very reasonable cost of £4.95 inc tea : Cafe Metz, High St., opposite Post Office. Also features Belfast's most angelic waitress, reminiscent of a member of the heavenly host on a Xmas card !

Timothy Belmont said...

Hard to resist ~ any angelic waitress! Can she dance into the bargain? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Surely you could find somewhere more atmospheric than the Premier Inn?


Timothy Belmont said...

We vary it! It was not a 4* hotel, though it was surprisingly good for its class: neat, clean, tidy, friendly staff.