Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Potato Farls

Authentic potato bread, or farls, made simply with potatoes, flour, butter and salt. It was produced in the kitchen yesterday.

They are all uneven, the sizes varying; obviously not produced by a machine!

What remains to be established is whether they were worth the time and trouble expended, viz. buying potatoes, peeling and boiling them; mashing them etc.

It also takes time to mix the requisite amount of flour; then roll it out on a board.

Doubtless nothing beats the home-made variety, though I suspect that this experiment shall be short-lived and that Belmont GHQ will resort to shop-bought farls.


Lady in Residence said...

Is the idea behind making potato bread supposedly using left over cold potatoes? Rather than starting from scratch? Might be out on a limb here but I vividly remember visiting my dear Grannies & they always used leftover potatoes to make their potato bread! They were brought up thru the 2 world wars hence the motto "Mend & Make Do ..." , Rations, etc, etc,. Were every morsel was used to an advantage so that there was absolute no wastage!

Reckon they were way ahead of their time ...

Lady in Residence

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! Get the butter out!

Timothy Belmont said...

Yes, I believe you're right, Lady in Residence.

I probably shan't be bothered making it for another quarter-century. :-)