Friday, 6 July 2012

The Pub Crawl

Timothy Belmont was out and about in town last night. My first port of call was the venerable old Linenhall Library, though my timing was such that they were closing at five-thirty , not long after I'd arrived.

Thence I made a bee-line for The Cloth Ear, the bar which is part of The Merchant Hotel. Most of this bar runs along Skipper Street, though I entered on Waring Street.

I sat on a bar-stool up at the counter till the drinking compadre turned up; perused the menu - many of the items were about a tenner - and simply decided to have a Tanqueray and tonic instead.

A couple arrived and sat beside me; and it transpired that they lived close to me, so we chatted about this and that.

Philip arrived and we had a drink. Then we left, ambled up Waring Street and ventured in to the Premier Inn Hotel's bar at the corner of the said street and Donegall Street. It's not a bad place at all and we overlooked the War Memorial Building.

Our next venue, the Commercial Buildings at the corner of Waring Street and Bridge Street, was visible too. I had never knowingly been into this establishment before. However, there were plenty of blondes who didn't escape the Belmont attention.

As a consequence of last night's escapade, the old epistle is slightly tardier than usual, and one has a slight hangover.


Stephen said...

Has his Lordship tried Hendricks gin? Most agreeable, highly citrus and best enjoyed with tonic and cucumber.

Timothy Belmont said...

I must indeed try Hendrick's. Not every establishment sells it, I believe.