Thursday, 8 May 2008

2008 Northern Ireland Opera Season

I'm anticipating the opera season at Castleward already. I've just had a look at the old ancestral DJ in the wardrobe - and I mean old - it was made in August 1933; I must photograph it. It's in great condition; four buttons on each sleeve are functional; ribbed silk, wide lapels; heavy wool. Think: Brideshead Revisited and Bertie Wooster.

The trousers are ancestral too: heavy wool with double silk piping. They are from my full evening dress ( which is now, sadly, never worn lest I'm invited to a Court function!) but I use 'em with the DJ. A touch baggy perhaps; that's age for you.

I've an ancient black silk bow-tie too; the only new garment is a white marcella piqué dress shirt.

Please, God, provide us with a sunny, balmy summer's evening.

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