Friday, 2 May 2008

BBC One Switch-Off

Sir David Attenborough, OM, CH, CVO, CBE, is undoubtedly one of our most distinguished broadcasters. He is a true pillar of British Society. Sir David is also a wise man. When he speaks, the BBC ought to listen.

Sir David feels and, indeed, cares so vehemently about the BBC that he has expressed his misgivings about the Corporation. I, by and large, concur.

I seldom watch BBC One nowadays. If I do tune in, it's to BBC One London; not BBC Northern Ireland. I genuinely cannot recall the last programme I watched on BBC One Northern Ireland. I have certainly been quite fascinated about the London mayoral election. BBC One London is best for that coverage; whereas BBC NI tends to give prominence to its own productions in lieu.

Enough of that. To return to Sir David's criticism, I think he's right about the abundance of so-called lifestyle programmes (although I like The One Show, with Ulster's very own Christine Bleakley from Newtownards in County Down). Of all the BBC channels, BBC Two England is the one I watch the most.

Thank goodness for satellite.

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