Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Two Unexpected Occurrences

I've had a couple of rummy experiences in recent days; totally out of the blue too. I was up at the Port, seated on a dodgy folding-chair at the back garden perusing a map, and the bally thing collapsed! I made an undignified split-second direction southwards towards gravity, landing abruptly on my posterior! One of the canvas straps on the chair was missing and I managed to find the missing part; and with the help of a hammer, got it fixed I'm glad to say.

I enjoyed my sixty lengths up at the pool last night, made a cup of tea at home and settled down to watch the BBC's Springwatch when, suddenly, there was a power-cut! It happened at about eight forty-five. I rang the electricity service and they told me it may last till one-thirty in the morning! In the event, it wasn't as bad as that: it came on again within the hour. Just a simple matter of re-setting a few clocks and the burglar alarm.

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