Saturday, 10 May 2008

A Rose That Brings Joy

Last winter we planted a new rose bush at the porch. Prior to that we'd tried clematis and Virginia creeper. The clematis, sadly, never blossomed; the creeper never clung. So a brand new rose was planted late last November.

I'd done some research in order to make the best choice, settling for the highly fragrant climber, ├ętoile de Hollande.

The picture was taken ten minutes ago; it doesn't do justice to the deep red rich velvet crimson colour of the rose. Its fragrance is very rich indeed. A true delight.

Let's hope it shall give years of pleasure for us, and visitors alike.

I found an old container of dark creosote in the garage this afternoon and used what there was of it to paint the wooden planking above our front wall. The smell is most pungent, the result effective. I think creosote substitute is sold nowadays; must buy some more.

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