Thursday, 22 May 2008

Short Break At Portballintrae, County Antrim

I'm just back from a few days' break at the village of Portballintrae in County Antrim. I drove up on Tuesday afternoon. The grass at my aunt's place was long; however, I just happened to encounter the same pair of grass-cutters as my cousin a month ago. They were in the park and I got them to cut the lawn for a tenner.

That evening, I made my way to Sweeney's bar. It was really quiet; in fact I had the place to myself, apart from two other couples in the conservatory. I ordered chilli beef tortilla and a side portion of tobacco onions, along with a g-and-t; the total coming to £15.70. It was fairly enjoyable, although the chilli beef was swimming in a brown sauce or gravy which was, I felt, too much. There were other sauces with it too. Still, it was substantial though, as I say, I've tasted better.

The next morning I drove into Coleraine, County Londonderry, for a walk round the town. The parish church was open and I enjoyed a chat with a friendly lady warden. They've unearthed ancient foundations which may be fourteenth century; probably the original church. Most interesting.

On Wednesday evening, I motored up to the comfortable and popular Causeway Hotel which is beside the Giant's Causeway. I chose from the high tea menu and ordered battered scampi with chips. Tinned peas were served (judging by their colour) along with a garnish. There was plenty of tartare sauce too. The meal was served with wheaten bread and a choice of tea or coffee. One German lady was tucking into their celebrated Mixed Grill and I wondered if she managed to finish it! The waiting staff were friendly and attentive. I like the Causeway Hotel.

This morning, Thursday, I packed up early and drove home to see the Dowager who's in respite for awhile. Incidentally, I managed to get all the paraphernalia back up to the loft this afternoon after the new insulation was laid earlier in the week.

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