Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Civic Pride

Perhaps I'm being a trifle paranoid, but I am sure that the City of Belfast's Christmas tree - the one erected at the front of City Hall each year - is diminishing in size.

I seem to recall the tree being loftier a few decades ago. Could the dimensions of the tree be a reflection of the city's lack of pride or self-esteem? Or is this yet another cost-cutting measure by Belfast City Council? Health and Safety "Euro-Gobbledygook"?

The Council, in its wisdom, sold their last great motor-car, viz. the Rolls-Royce Phantom VI.

I happened to be at the Linen Hall Library today, undertaking some research pertaining to County Armagh.

I have selected an old, traditional font for what you are reading now: Garamond.


Sandy said...

Never mind the size of the tree, the point is why it is up now? 11th November - was it erected at the same time last year?
How long before we see it up in summertime?
I detest this creeping commercialisation of Christmas.
Rant over...

PeterC said...

Garamond might be a traditional font, but it is difficult for those of us of advancing years to read on a net-book! Please revert to something larger.

Timothy Belmont said...

Perhaps they'd be better to grow one there perennially, Sandy!

Peter C, what you say crossed my mind. I'll increase the size - please let me know if the legibility improves.