Thursday, 19 November 2009

Flippin' Heck!

I have "splashed out" on a little camcorder called the Flip Mino HD. The best deal I could find was on the mail order company, Amazon.

This tiny, mobile-phone-sized camcorder sounds impressive to me, at £120. My fellow-blogger, Alan in Belfast, wrote a review of it in May, 2009; and there are innumerable positive reviews of it on the Web generally.

It will arrive imminently. Watch this space...


John Ferris said...

Hope it works out for you Tim... the problems we've had in here with those kind of devices has been crazy (particularly getting the data onto a computer to manipulate without it taking three years to do so)!

Timothy Belmont said...

My loyal readers will be the first to know!

I bought a cheap camcorder - Mustek - from W H Smyth and its internal memory was useless.

I returned it and bought a SD memory card for my Kodak camera - which doesn't work either!

3rd time lucky...

Unknown said...

Hope we'll see lots of video reports from you Tim, not just NT stuff but every day life!

Quite looking forward to this!


Timothy Belmont said...

Hello Roger,

Good to hear from you and indeed, if I can get it working properly and discover the best method of uploading it to the blog - presumably by the same means as I upload images - I do hope to take it with me and do just as you say!

All the best,