Sunday, 1 November 2009

Thank You, Sainsbury

Whilst at the check-out of Sainsbury's store at Holywood Exchange yesterday afternoon, I accidentally dropped a large tub of their Greek-style yoghurt with honey. I had been slightly distracted by a brace of charity "bag-packers" standing beside me, offering to pack the groceries.

The tub in question dropped to the floor, beside my shoe, split open; and the contents splattered everywhere, including the top of my shoe!

The staff at Sainsbury's were most helpful. The check-out assistant alerted another member of staff, who cleared up the mess immediately; I was given some tissues for my clothing; and another tub of yoghurt was purveyed to me forthwith.

I checked the bill at home and was not charged for the breakage.

I reckon that was jolly good service on their part, don't you?

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