Thursday, 26 November 2009

Enter The Demesne

One of the joys of keeping a blog like mine is that, from time to time, I receive messages from folk who tell me that they have stumbled across it whilst searching for something else. It's hardly surprising, I suppose, since my scope of topics is practically limitless; and I basically write about whatever takes my fancy.

I have written articles about Donard Lodge, the former marine residence of the Earls Annesley. Of course the mansion is long gone; though remnants of the demesne can still be traced. The present Donard car-park formed part of the grounds.

One such person to encounter my blog has been John, who now lives in Staffordshire, though has strong connections with Newcastle in County Down. John sent me this lovely poem which evokes fond memories of his childhood spent near the old demesne:

Enter The Demesne

Just to enter the demesne amongst the thickness of the trees

My minds still active my memory still sees

I remember the Annesley family’s summer home, in ruins but the building still standing.

To have it demolished there’s just no understanding

It was damaged in the sixties by fire

But as a boy to go inside was my only desire

Empty haunted dangerous and falling

Id get closer and closer to going inside, then I would here my dad calling.

It stood with the trees tall and proud,

But look at it dad I would shout out loud

It was such a beautiful building to knock it down I am sure they regret

But it's still part of me and I'll never forget

We had such good times as children following all of the paths

I can recall all of the fun and still here the laughs

But there’s another side to the demesne a darker side that I find daunting

I always feel a presence, something haunting

You here things in the bushes but never quite see

I always get the feeling there’s something watching me

Was it a trick of my imagination or something I saw?

Perhaps a banshee a big cat or maybe even a wild bore

John Lenaghan

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