Monday, 25 July 2011

Bert's Bar

Good old Bertie! This cove knows how to look after his clientele. Bert's Bar is an appendage of the Victorian Merchant Hotel, Belfast. Bert's can be entered via High Street.

There's a three-piece jazz band - double bass, drums and piano - playing here as I write.

Despite it being a Monday,  the dining-room is fairly busy. I was brought a bowl of fresh, crusty bread with a ramekin of butter and minced olives.

My dinner has been very good, consisting of a kind of egg and ham croquette with a salad garnish; then confit of duck with Lyonnaise potatoes and fresh, seasonal vegetables.

To be truthful, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It must be nine-fifteen and I'm listening to the trio with a modest glass of Beefeater, opposite St George's Church in High Street.

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Mad Mandy Moans said...

It looks great Tim. I hope you stay up until they close the bar. Big breakfast in the morning and a sauna before leaving. Heaven. MMx