Saturday, 9 July 2011

Boat Trip

I decided to take Craig up on his generous offer of an organised boat outing on Strangford Lough today. En route I stopped off at a supermarket and bought a punnet of large, juicy and sweet strawberries.

We congregated at the quay-side in Strangford, County Down, where the MV St Brendan arrived at about 1pm. There'd have been about two dozen of us altogether, I suppose.

We headed southwards, hugging the western side of the Lough, passing Cloghy Rocks and Kilclief Point, where we turned and cruised northwards along the eastern side from Bar Hall Bay.

The boat skirted Chapel and Jackdaw Islands, whence we circled the Dunnyneill Islands (above). At low tide Dunnyneill appears as one island; whereas, at high tide, it splits into the main island, above, and a much smaller isle.

On our return, we passed Audley's Castle and Strangford Bay; the Old Court demesne, wonderfully picturesque seat of the Lord and Lady de Ros (aka Peter and Sian Maxwell), with its splendid little private chapel.

The relatively modern Old Court House is pictured (from the sea). The de Ros family live in another dwelling within the grounds.

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