Saturday, 16 July 2011

Inverary Castle

Matthew Dennison of the Daily Telegraph has written a good article about Inverary Castle, Argyllshire, seat of His Grace the Duke of Argyll.

The Duke and his family – his wife Eleanor, the Duchess of Argyll, and their children, Archie, Marquess of Lorne, 7; Lord Rory, 5; and Lady Charlotte, 3 – inhabit a 'house within a house’ covering two floors of the south and western sides of the castle and bookended by two crenellated circular towers.

There, after a two-year renovation project that involved the installation of 12 bathrooms and the creation of a family kitchen designed with an emphasis on childproofing, the latest generation of this ancient Scottish family lives 'above the shop’.

Their new central heating system, the first the castle has ever had, is powered by wood-chip from the estate’s extensive forestry. 'Most of all, our lives have been transformed by having radiators,’ the Duchess says, in reference to the 120 that they have installed. 'We no longer need to run from one room with a fire to another.’ 

Inverary Castle is surrounded by the estate's 60,000 acres.

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