Monday, 18 July 2011

Darren Clarke

I am delighted that more congratulations are due to another Ulster golfer, Darren Clarke, so soon after Rory McIlroy's triumph. He brings pride, glory and honour to Northern Ireland.

Darren Clarke, originally from Dungannon, County Tyrone, becomes the latest in a long line of British and, specifically, Ulster golfers and sports people to bring esteem and honour to the Province.

Of course our other Ulsterman, Graeme McDowell MBE, won the US Masters Championship in 2010; Rory McIlroy won it this year, 2011; and now Darren Clarke has won the Open Championship in 2011.


Anonymous said...

You can't help but feel pleased for Darren, considering this was probably his last chance to win the Open. Pity about Rory's performance, considering the high expectations. His comments afterwards about the conditions not suiting him, left the suggestion that he's a 'fair weather' golfer. I do hope not.

Anonymous said...

Rory is not a fair weather golfer but he does like playing when its a fair test of golf for all.You see the Open does not always give the best player of the week the winners prize.Depending on what time of the day you tee off you rely on teh lap of the weather gods as to where you will tee off...example...Thursday morning, sunshine and no wind, Thursday afternoon, showers and 25 miles an hour wind...(althougbig Darren was the best golfer of the week) Rory will do better in America where the weather is normally quite good and fair for all