Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Air Conditioning

Whilst out on the open roads in the two-seater last weekend, I turned on the air conditioning.

Despite turning the knob fully to its lowest setting, warm air blew out.

I asked a pal about this and he suggested that the air conditioning unit needed to be "gassed".

Consequently, I drove this morning to a local garage which specialises in such matters.

They plugged the air conditioning into a machine which does the requisite business, and after about twenty-five minutes Hey Presto! It was re-filled.

The problem for me was that this did not fix the problem. It continues to blow hot air.

If I wish the air conditioning to be fixed, I shall need to have the two-seater booked in again.

The "gassing" cost £50. I shudder to imagine what the next bill will be.

INCIDENTALLY, a rather flashy Bentley saloon passed me in County Fermanagh, on the road to Crom. It was a silvery grey, with the distinctive registration number "W1".


Anonymous said...

Very strange - when I checked on Autotrader for the W1 plate I got this:
Vehicle details found: W1


Timothy Belmont said...

You're right. I'm afraid I cannot explain that. The number I saw looked like W1. I cannot swear to it, though it wasn't W 11!