Monday, 22 July 2013

Enniskillen: III

Well, dear readers, I have arrived back at the Belmont GHQ, having enjoyed myself for a few days in our beautiful county of Fermanagh.

In answer to your queries, there were no soda farls, alas. There were, nevertheless, baked beans.

Whilst Timothy Belmont would never include baked beans on the breakfast menu at the GHQ, I have to confess that I do like them!

After the same substantial breakfast, I packed up and motored in a south-easterly direction, over the border and into the Irish Republic, where I sought Lanesborough Lodge.

En route I passed Castle Saunderson, the grounds of which are now a scouting centre. The big house, sadly, is roofless and largely ruinous.

Further along the main road was a smaller road leading to the former Lanesborough Lodge, known locally as Quivvey.

A fine gate lodge, complete with the Lanesborough arms, still stands, greatly extended now.

I wished to gain access in order that I might view the ruinous house itself, though the owners were away and their son was unable to say Yes or No; so I drove back over the border, back home to the United Kingdom.

I drove straight to Crom estate, where I spent a wonderful few hours. Either the Northern Ireland flag or St George's flag was flying from a turret of Crom Castle. I couldn't quite make it out in detail.

Suffice it to state that Lord Erne was in residence.

I have taken a number of photographs of places I've visited and I will post them in the next day or two.

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