Sunday, 21 July 2013

Enniskillen: II

Timothy Belmont this morning, at eight-thirty, indulged in a fully cooked County Fermanagh breakfast, comprising two sausages, two rashers of bacon, mushrooms, tomato, fried egg, baked beans, potato farl and toast.

I accompanied this feast with a pot of tea and orange juice.

I have been unable to obtain a wi-fi connection until now, hence the tardiness of this missive.

After breakfast, I jumped into the two-seater and made a bee-line for Florence Court estate, one of the National Trust's first properties in the Province.

I like to revisit the Trust's Fermanagh properties every time I happen to be in the county.

I began my visit with a walk round the grounds. The Earls of Enniskillen used to be one of the greatest landowners in the county, with about 28,000 acres.

I passed the original Florence Court yew tree, dating from the mid-18th century, I gather.

The first tour of the house started at eleven fifteen, so we mustered in The Colonel's Room within one of the pavilions.

I took a tour of Castle Coole yesterday and I don't know whether any readers have had a similar experience, though the guides carry on with their narrative, not always absolutely accurate in detail, embroidered to an extent in some cases.

I offered a comment this morning which did not illicit any response. Perhaps visitors are discouraged from making positive comments.

When I returned to Enniskillen, I perused a map and only then realised that I could have carried on towards Belturbet, a town just across the border in the Irish Republic.

Lanesborough Lodge was close to Belturbet and I'd like to see what's left of it at some future time.


Anonymous said...

No soda bread?

Anonymous said...

Why oh why oh why are baked beans part of a breakfast?