Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Seaport Lodge

It's another glorious day here at Portballintrae. I strode out on my constitutional after breakfast this morning, past the former Sweeney's Bar, along the track which leads to the Lodge and old quay.

The track remains closed to vehicles and access. It is private, as is Seaport quay, which is now barred by means of a wooden gate.

I used to enjoy a stroll down to the quay. Never mind.

Later I motored in the two-seater, with its roof firmly down, in a southerly direction. I sought Clare Park, former seat of the McEldowneys.

I found what's left of it, a wasteland with flat ground and some rubble here and there.

There is no sign of Clare House at all. A memorial remains, though, within its own railings to a member of the family, who suffered a tragic accident whilst on his horse at the cliff.


Anonymous said...

Lord B, there are some excellent pictures of Mackie residences (Ringdufferin, Hazelbank, etc) on Saturday's Mackie forum, http://www.belfastforum.co.uk/index.php/topic,19561.5085.html Also, a good family tree showing the family and some of their seats (notable exception - Lissanoure). VC

Anonymous said...

Any idea what is happening at Seaport?

Timothy Belmont said...

No, sorry. I haven't a clue at all.

Anonymous said...

The Portballintrae resident's comity are trying to gather evidence from people that they used the beach area around the pier over the last 20 years and so it should remain open to the public. It is doubtful Sweeney has the rights to close the area off.