Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Burning Documents

Timothy Belmont was particularly involved in the stately affairs this morning, viz. that mundane or banal chore of filing and even the destruction of documents.

The said papers are not particularly sensitive, though, you know the sort of old statements, insurance forms, invoices of a pecuniary nature; that kind of rot.

Belmont GHQ has gone through a few electric paper-shredders and one finds that the super-economy non-professional type are simply not up to the task. They tend, in my experience, to become jammed with staples or some other foreign object.

Instead, I opted for the time-honoured, fail-safe, method: Burning.

Thus, brandishing a good box of matches, I found an old wheel-barrow, threw the requisite items therein, and incinerated the lot.

I have to admit that I had been procrastinating the filing of the rest of these documents for a very long time.

I receive invoices, many of which emanate from Amazon, and they tend to accumulate on a table in my bedroom.

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The Earl Bishop said...

Gosh sounds as bad as Hitler's bunker circa 1945.