Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Car And Computer

I drove my car to a local garage for its annual service today. Its mileage is 18,000 and I supplied them with the oil, Halford's fully synthetic.

I was phoned at lunch-time to let me know that it was ready. They said the brake pads needed replacing too. The bill came to £140: dear enough, considering I'd supplied the oil. The mechanic admired the old two-seater, telling me he deemed it a "very clean car". Just as well that it was a fine day: I walked there and back to collect the car.

Whilst at home, I wasted ages on my computer endeavouring to fix its poor performance, to no avail. I've tried almost everything. You name it. In the end, I bought the much-lauded Registry Mechanic on Ebay for $19.95, or £10.25. They send you a digital code. I'm hoping this may help matters because I can't think of anything else except, perhaps, a new router.

I've also installed AVG's free anti-spyware, on top of two other spyware programmes.

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