Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Classic Blue Plain Shirt

So far, it's been a fairly uneventful week. The weather's been so boring; fine for ducks mind you.
When I turned on the computer to connect to the web this morning, a rummy thing occurred: it would not connect me! It said there was an "error 721". I persisted to no avail and, eventually, "error 718" popped up. This seldom happens and I normally get connected instantly.

I decided to be patient and leave it for an hour. This strategy paid off: I finally got connected at last. Perhaps BT was overwhelmed by floods and rain!

I booked the annual car service for next week with a local garage, DS Motors, on Parkgate Avenue; I've used them before and thought they always did a good job. I told them that I'd supply my own oil, Halford's fully synthetic which is reckoned to be at least as good as BMW's Longlife oil.
I'll need six and a half litres.

The blue shirt I won a bid on with Ebay arrived today. It seems perfect; just what I wanted. I had been keeping an eye on one at Turnbull & Asser, which costs seventy-five pounds. I had hoped that it would have featured in their winter sale but, sadly, no: because the plain blue is a classic, it's not in the sale. Perhaps it's for the best, since I grabbed the considerably cheaper Ebay bargain for £6.99 plus postage. It's plain blue, cutaway collar, pure cotton, ex-M&S, and fits well too.

I have four shirts from Turnbull's: some are pretty ancient, still serviceable though; I bought one last year, which is a single cuff(so two are single cuff & two are double cuff). I'm tired of the double cuff variety and I have too many of them. Turnbull's original shop is in Jermyn Street, London.

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