Saturday, 26 January 2008

The View From Anne's Point

Anne's Point is located at the opposite side of the main road from the Temple of the Winds at Mount Stewart. If you walk along the footpath you'll notice a willow tunnel, which runs alongside a little river and towards the man-made lagoon.

Although the temperature was about 10c, it felt colder due to the biting wind. We walked from the mount Stewart car park to the willow tunnel and, armed with loppers, saws, gloves etc, we started tidying up the tunnel.

There were seven of us today and we enjoyed a good old natter while we worked. I was equipped with my usual flask of hot water, tea-bags, milk, Castle Howard mug, a Tex-Mex wrap and a chunky Kit-Kat bar.

We remained till about three o'clock. The view from Anne's point is quite spectacular, with Chapel Island in the distance. We could hear the familiar sounds of ducks and geese nearby.

Craig told us that the National Trust would be renovating the bothy on Salt Island within the next few months, which is great news. I haven't been to Salt Island for more than twenty years, so I look forward to getting back for a weekend.

All in all, a good day with plenty of fresh, invigorating air.


paddymac said...

shame the picture was not able to be seen enlarged-only came up as a small thumbnail

tim said...

It's a lovely picture isn't it? Strictly speaking, it's not the actual view from Anne's Point but it's not far off. Poetic Licence!