Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Knotts Of Newtownards And The MoT Test

I gave the car a quick wash this morning before driving to Newtownards, County Down, where I had an MoT appointment. When I go for the MoT I always have that needless, anxious feeling like going to the dentist: chances are there'll be a clean bill of health or pass, however you never take it for granted.

The Z4 passed. I've merely 18,500 miles on the clock anyway. She is due a service soon too.

From the test centre I drove into the town and treated myself to lunch at the excellent restaurant in Knott's bakery. Even at midday there were up to sixteen customers in the queue. Knott's is evocative of Fulton's restaurant, on a par; and that is praise indeed.

Today I had honey roast ham and pineapple pizza with Florida salad and coleslaw, which was very good indeed. It was an unconventional pizza: stuffed about an inch thick with tasty ham and covered. It was delicious. The coleslaw and salad were all home-made too. I also had a soft drink.

My bill came to £8.05.

This self-service restaurant is deservedly popular and this is reflected in the continual queue.

Highly commended.


Paul Philpott said...

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Timothy Belmont said...

I passed the MoT in the Z4 by the way, Danny.

I have since changed the car to a tiny Smart Passion Turbo.

I ought to be getting a commission on any customers you get who mention my name!

Only jesting. Good luck,