Monday, 28 January 2008

Gillette Fusion Razor Trial

I'm currently evaluating the Gillette Fusion razor, so I'll post my assessment of it, compared to the Mach Three I've been using for many years, whenever the blade is worn out.

The razor shown to the right is my Trumper razor with a Mach 3 blade.


lowest form of wit said...


Lowest Form of Wit said...

Having never left a comment before, I decided to do a test run. It appears to have worked. I hate wasting time typing (slowly) only to find that my precious time and valuable comments have both been wasted. Anyway... I have been trialing a razor for the past few months. At the other end of the spectrum from the Gillette Fusion, which sounds worryingly as though it may rely on nuclear reactions to achieve a close shave, or the Mach III which I imagine is only used by Top Gun fighter pilots, I am trying the Tesco twin blade disposable razor. At 2.7 pence a pop, yes really, 27p for a pack of ten it is not expensive and each one lasts about a week. Less than a ha'penny a shave. Apart from callouses appearing on my wife's face and a couple of trips to the hospital for stitches (chin and ear), I find them quite good.

Tim said...

They do tend to use silly, gimmicky names for their products.
I tried Tesco blades years ago; they were so rough that I took them back immediately for a refund! Perhaps they've improved?