Friday, 25 January 2008

Tesco Finest Handcooked Cheddar & Onion Crisps

I do enjoy a good packet of crisps now and again; when younger, my favourite crisps were Tayto Cheese & Onion and I still consider them to rank amongst the best.

More recently I've been buying Tesco's Finest Hand-cooked crisps, the mature cheddar & caramelized onion variety and, if you like a good, strong flavour these are top-rate.

I particularly noticed that the spuds come from the British Isles and there's a picture on the packet of a castle which may, or may not, be that of Tandragee Castle. A "converted 17th century castle in the rolling hills of County Armagh" is mentioned.

I believe that these exceedingly good crisps are made for Tesco by Tayto. Never let it be said that Timothy Belmont doesn't do his bit for the Northern Ireland economy!

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