Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Case Of The Missing Cuff-links

Several years ago, we installed an intruder alarm system. Two members of staff from the company came and fitted it, the installation requiring them to access various parts of the house including the loft and landing area upstairs. I left them to it, and stayed downstairs most of the time; my bed-room door was ajar.

A few weeks later I opened the drawer where I kept my cuff-links and two pairs of them were missing. I searched the whole house for them and left no stone unturned. I even thought that I'd hidden them.

They still haven't turned up; it's certainly ironical that they went missing immediately after we had a burglar alarm fitted. Of course I cannot prove anything, nor can I apportion blame without evidence. It can be surmised as to what the police reaction would have been, had I contacted them.

So these cuff-links were my favourites: a pair of gold, oval ones with tiny links; and a pair of my late father's which were military. I have other cuff-links: one pair gold and the other pair sterling silver Mont Blanc quill feather ones.

I fancy a pair from a shop in Bond Street called Bentley & Skinner, which sells such accessories; I've never been inside, but always window-shop whenever I pass by!

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