Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Open Fire In Living-Room

It was nippy enough this morning to light a fire and, since I got plenty of logs from the barn at Minnowburn, I began the routine: use about six pieces of newspaper, crumpled up tightly; same amount of kindling sticks, placed gently on top of the paper; ignite a match and hey, presto! Unless something is damp, it normally lights immediately.

When it's well lit I place several bits of coal on top; it's a gradual process. Then I add a little log or two. It really is as simple as that. Mind you, I had to empty the ash bucket below the grate on Sunday. I can get five or six fires before having to do that chore. Tesco bags are invaluable for that task.

I bought a twenty-five kilo sack of coal from Tesco recently. It's called Cosyglow and seems very good. I think it cost £6.99, although I see Kingsberry fuels will deliver a fifty kilo sack for £13.

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