Friday, 11 January 2008

Robinson Centre Review

I've finally taken the plunge and joined the Robinson Centre at Castlereagh. It takes a bit longer to drive there than the others, about 12-15 minutes depending on traffic ( and the kindness of the traffic lights!); but you can park fairly close to the entrance itself.

I was "signed up" immediately. There were two members of staff at the counter; a very pretty and amiable girl whom I chatted with and she must be athletic because she trains at the Mary Peters track in Belfast. I noticed she had a great figure; I'm doubtless old enough to be her dad, dear oh dear. I must get her name.

I filled in a direct debit mandate for the Silver Membership, which is £23 per month with an initial £10 administration fee. The gym, spa and sauna are all included and I can go whenever I like. I was issued with a plastic membership card.

So I ambled into the changing-room; the lockers take tokens which you retain. As I expected, the locker room is modest in size compared with private clubs like David Lloyd. Metal lockers and open-plan showers. It's more utilitarian, but fine for the money.

I went upstairs to the gym: again it's much smaller than the private clubs; however, the equipment is excellent and there's every conceivable type of apparatus. There must be upwards of two dozen apparatus. Lots of running, rowing and step machines too. I think it's as well equipped as the private clubs, possibly better equipped than, say, Esporta. The place was quiet on Friday morning, there being about ten or twelve people.

I went back to the changing-room and on into the spa/sauna: it's OK, roomy enough though the bubbles were off at the time. Another user told me that the bubbles were normally on.

The showers are fine: hot with a strong spray.

I haven't tried the swimming-pool or the cafeteria yet; must have a snack there some time.

I think I'll be happy here; I particularly like the gym equipment which is excellent. I'll be like a mini version of Arnie The Gov in no time!

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