Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Oil Dine At Fulton's Again!

Since the sprightly two-seater is being serviced next week and having been recommended the requisite oil, we ventured to Halford's at Boucher Road, Belfast, in order to buy a load of the stuff. I bought seven litres which cost £46: almost as dear as brandy. I was accosted by a particularly pushy salesman in the store who tried to interest me in one of their credit cards (why, on earth, would I want another credit card?).

From Halford's, we motored on to Fulton's splendid, self-service Hawthorne Restaurant via the Smart Car Centre: I had a little look at the latest models; very cute little things. I couldn't locate the button to open the boot. There was no sign of the Brabus model on display. A receptionist approached me and asked if I needed assistance, so I enquired about the Brabus and she said she'd get a sales person. I waited for over five minutes and nobody appeared, so I took a brochure and left. When you need 'em they're invisible and when you don't need them they suddenly accost you. Typical.

At Fulton's, having arrived shortly after midday, I joined the small, five-minute queue and ordered their savoury mince tart with salad and coleslaw (you'll have gathered by now that Timothy Belmont is rather fond of coleslaw); a bowl of stew; and a huge portion of lemon meringue pie with whipped cream, which we shared. Everything was absolutely delicious. The bill for two came to £17.70.

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