Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hard Disc Space

I have been experimenting - as you may, or may not, have noticed - with new fonts for my title and description. I have chosen Edwardian Script for the former; Copperplate for the latter. My original preference was for a font called "Palace Script"; but since this isn't available on Microsoft Works 9, I've settled for the other.

When I was using my diminutive notebook computer downstairs a few days ago a message popped up advising me that there was less than 5% disc space remaining. I haven't even been able to de-fragment it because, seemingly, it is ineffective if the available space drops below a certain level.

I "surfed the Web" in order to see what was recommended; and I encountered this article, Six Ways to Increase Available Disc Space.

Most of the recommendations are utterly incomprehensible to me; nevertheless, I persevered and did what they said.

It has worked. So far, so good. My disc space has increased from about 5% to 45%. That's remarkable, isn't it?

If any readers try this, I'd be most interested to hear how you get on...


Chad said...

I've had wonderful luck with many of these as well, particularly cleaning the system restore files, while just maintaining the latest. It usually adds a good 1gb back.

Timothy Belmont said...

Good, isn't it?