Sunday, 25 April 2010

B2, not B3!

I have booked a seat for a production the The Pirates of Penzance at the Grand Opera House in Belfast next month. By sheer coincidence I shall be sitting in exactly the same seat, B2, that I moved to on Thursday evening.

B3 was also available in the seating plan, and the irony is that, whilst B2 has a warning on the booking form about a "hand rail in view", B3 has no caveats at all!

My view was uninterrupted at B2 on Thursday evening. It is B3 which ought to have an advisory warning, about people's heads blocking one's view!

I shan't bother booking Scottish Opera's contemporary adaptation of La Bohème in June. I have already seen the traditional versions at the Royal Opera House and Castle Ward in recent years.

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