Thursday, 15 April 2010

TV Election Debate Nonsense

I am quite bored with the coverage of the general election already. This first live debate this evening between the three party leaders appears to be contrived, rigged, full of security measures and, in a way, spurious owing to its manipulation by the ominpotent "PR" companies. It marks another degree of Americanization in our Politics.

Why, on earth, can't they simply stand up for themselves and convince the electorate of their merits, without all this "PR" nonsense? Lady Thatcher had supreme faith in her own convictions and could, without doubt, "run rings" round the lot of them.

If Cameron could only provoke Brown into losing his temper a few times, that might prove more entertaining and profitable for us.

Prescott is viewing the Debate from the Southampton Men's Working Club. Pity he couldn't be stuffed, placed in a glass display cabinet and put on show with any other prehistoric beasts they have.


Sharon Owens said...

Hear hear!!! I see David "Dave" Cameron has barred applause. Why?

Timothy Belmont said...

Heaven knows, Sharon. I watched it last night in my hotel room and was nonplussed, as expected.

In lobby presently, waiting to see what's going to happen re transfer to airport!